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Chiropractor Kingston Dr. Elliott Perkins


Dr. Elliott Perkins DC, HBSc, CSCS

I have a passion for health, and a drive to help improve the lives of those around me. I work with people of all backgrounds, from office workers with debilitating jaw pain to elite athletes recovering from spinal injuries.

I have advanced training in chronic pain management, jaw & facial pain and sports injury rehabilitation. 

Doctor and Patient

High-Value Care

It is my goal to bridge the gap between the highest quality research and clinical practice to better support people suffering from painful musculoskeletal conditions. I provide the highest standard of care for the complete management of musculoskeletal problems. I partner with patients to promote positivity, independence, and a healthy, active lifestyle.

Ice Hockey Match

My History

I have spent over 8 years learning the complex nature of the human body. I have worked in the musculoskeletal rehabilitation field for several years in multiple settings. I have worked in a hospital setting, as part of a team with emergency physicians and other health professionals. I have worked with professional athletes and sports teams in athletic development and sports injury rehab. In my Kingston practice, I work with everyone from acute & chronic pain patients to individuals with neurological disorders, with a focus on TMJ & facial pain disorders.

Image by Tayla Jeffs

My Goal: making sense of pain

There are many myths, misunderstandings and unnecessary fears about pain and the body.  Most people, including many health professionals, do not have a modern understanding of pain. By making sense of pain we can learn to manage and overcome it. My goal is to educate the people I work with about their bodies and empower them to take control of their recovery from persistent pain.



Doctor of Chiropractic - Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology - University of Waterloo

Functional Integrated Acupuncture - Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Diploma

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist - NSCA CSCS

Chronic Pain Diagnosis and Management Healthcare Provider

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