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Kingston Personal Training

Personal Training

Exercise as Medicine.

One-on-one personalized training with a licensed healthcare professional. 

Rehab and training is covered under Extended Healthcare Plans


People suffering from pain are often apprehensive about starting an exercise program.

I will help alleviate this stress and assure that you are training in a safe, effective manner.

Personalized training for the management of:


Sports Injuries

Chronic Pain Conditions

General Health & Fitness

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"That which enhances performance prevents injury."

I work with you to identify:

a) what your sport or activity demands are

b) what your current capability to meet those demands are.


Once we know this then we can design an Injury Rehabilitation, Prevention &/or Performance Enhancement program to improve the quality and intensity of your training, and return to sports pain-free.

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Need help with rehabbing an injury?

Looking for programming for strength & performance?

Want personalized help with nutrition?

Virtual consultations available!

Pain and rehab training

Athletic Assessment

Online Coaching

Kingston Personal Training

The Gym

The FORT is a top-tier training facility located at 550 Cataraqui Woods Dr. in the West End of Kingston. High quality equipment and knowledgeable coaches combined with a positive, friendly environment ensures that you will achieve your goals. 

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